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The tropical paradise of Bali is known for its pristine beaches, lush jungles, and vibrant culture. But hidden amidst the emerald greenery of this Indonesian island, lies a unique gem - Alassari Plantation, a luxurious eco-resort that promises an unforgettable experience for adventurous travellers seeking an escape from the ordinary.

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The story of Alassari Plantation is as fascinating as the resort itself, and it all begins with the chance meeting of its visionary owners, Craig and Valerie. Craig, a rugged adventurer with a love for nature, had always dreamt of owning a remote piece of land where he could indulge in his passion for sustainable farming and conservation. Valerie, a free-spirited artist with a penchant for adventure, shared Craig's love for the great outdoors and had a deep-rooted connection with Bali's rich culture.


It was during one of Craig's solo expeditions through Bali's dense rainforests that he stumbled upon a hidden valley, blanketed by verdant foliage and pristine streams. Mesmerised by the beauty of the place, Craig felt an instant connection and knew that he had stumbled upon something truly special. Determined to turn his dream into reality, he acquired the land and set his sights on transforming it into a sustainable eco-resort.

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However, Craig soon realised that building a resort in such a remote location was no easy feat.  Fate intervened when Craig’s car broke down in remote Western Australia and he met Valerie during a chance encounter at an art gallery. The two instantly hit it off and discovered their shared passion for adventure, nature, and sustainability. Valerie, an accomplished artist with a keen eye for design, brought a unique perspective to Craig's vision. Together, they embarked on a journey to create a resort that would be an epitome of eco-luxury, blending the natural beauty of the surroundings with sustainable practices and local culture.Make the time to sit back, put your feet up and read Craig & Valerie's story in detail as written by Craig in your room's compendium.

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The construction of Alassari Plantation was a labor of love, with Craig and Valerie overseeing every aspect of its creation. They used locally-sourced materials and traditional Balinese construction techniques, ensuring that the resort seamlessly blended with its natural surroundings. The result was a breathtaking masterpiece, perched on a hilltop overlooking the lush valley, with stunning views of the jungle and the distant ocean.The resort features luxurious villas, each meticulously designed to offer a unique experience, with open-air bathrooms, panoramic views of the surrounding nature and complete privacy. The use of sustainable materials, solar power, and rainwater harvesting systems make Alassari Plantation a true eco-friendly haven.

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Alassari Plantation is not just about luxury; it's a holistic experience that offers guests a chance to connect with nature and immerse themselves in Bali's rich culture. The resort's philosophy revolves around sustainability, conservation, and community engagement. Craig and Valerie have worked tirelessly to restore the degraded land around the resort, planting thousands of trees, and creating a sanctuary for endangered species. They have also established partnerships with local communities to promote sustainable farming practices and support local artisans.


One of the highlights of Alassari Plantation is its unique dining experience. The resort's restaurant, nestled amidst the lush gardens, offers a farm-to-table concept, with most of the ingredients sourced from the resort's organic gardens or local farmers. Guests can indulge in a gastronomic journey, savouring the flavours of Bali through a range of dishes that showcase the richness of the island's culinary heritage. The resort also hosts regular cultural performances, where guests can witness traditional Balinese dance and music, immersing themselves in the local arts and traditions.

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But it's not just the activities and amenities that make Alassari Plantation a truly extraordinary destination. It's the warm hospitality and personal touch of Craig, Valerie, and their dedicated team that sets it apart. From the moment guests arrive, they are greeted with genuine warmth and treated like family. The attention to detail, personalised service, and genuine care for the guests' well-being make every moment at Alassari Plantation truly special.


As you step into the enchanting world of Alassari Plantation, you are not just a guest, but a part of an incredible story that continues to unfold. It's a story of adventure, passion, and sustainability, where luxury and nature coexist in perfect harmony. It's a story of Craig and Valerie's dream, brought to life with love and dedication, and shared with the world as a unique and extraordinary destination.

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So, if you are a nature enthusiast, an adventure seeker, or someone who values sustainability and cultural immersion, Alassari Plantation in Bali should be on the top of your bucket list. Immerse yourself in the lush jungles, indulge in the luxurious villas, savour the farm-to-table culinary delights, and connect with the local community. Experience the magic of Alassari Plantation, where a love story meets sustainability, and create your own unforgettable memories in this tropical paradise. As Craig and Valerie would say, "Welcome to our world, welcome to Alassari Plantation!"

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