Travel tips and photos from my travels through China.

Xianhu Botanical Garden, Shenzhen

Travel for Grown Ups - Hongfa Buddhist Temple, Shenzhen

China is good at erasing the past. In a land were Google is outlawed and the news is controlled by the government it can be very hard finding out the real truth. I reminded myself of this as a listened to my new friend recount the history of Xianhu Botanical Garden and Hongfa ...

NathanPosted By Nathan
3rd January 2018
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Very ordinary photographer

Street Photography - know the story

  I'm undecided. I don't know if my style is street photography or travel photography. But then, when looking back at my images and those of others, I wonder if there is actually a difference. It's a very blurred line. Are photos of people going about their business in ...

NathanPosted By Nathan
23rd June 2016
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China an Introduction

China - An Introduction

China is a land of contradictions. Most of us picture a powerhouse of industry, a landscape dominated by smoke belching factories. A country ruled by a Communist government and law abiding citizens regimentally going about their day. In fact, this could not be further from the ...

NathanPosted By Nathan
18th February 2016
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