Travel tips and photos from my travels through China.

Xianhu Botanical Garden, Shenzhen

Travel for Grown Ups - Hongfa Buddhist Temple, Shenzhen

China is good at erasing the past. In a land were Google is outlawed and the news is controlled by the government it can be very hard finding out the real truth. I reminded myself of this as a listened to my new friend recount the history of Xianhu Botanical Garden and Hongfa ...

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3rd January 2018 (Updated 23rd July 2021)
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Very ordinary photographer

Street Photography - know the story

  I'm undecided. I don't know if my style is street photography or travel photography. But then, when looking back at my images and those of others, I wonder if there is actually a difference. It's a very blurred line. Are photos of people going about their business in ...

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23rd June 2016 (Updated 23rd July 2021)
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China an Introduction

China - An Introduction

China is a land of contradictions. Most of us picture a powerhouse of industry, a landscape dominated by smoke belching factories. A country ruled by a Communist government and law abiding citizens regimentally going about their day. In fact, this could not be further from the ...

NathanPosted By Nathan
18th February 2016 (Updated 23rd July 2021)
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