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Alassari Plantation - The Resort That Love Built

  The tropical paradise of Bali is known for its pristine beaches, lush jungles, and vibrant culture. But hidden amidst the emerald greenery of this Indonesian island, lies a unique gem - Alassari Plantation, a luxurious eco-resort that promises an unforgettable experience ...

NathanPosted By Nathan
23rd May 2023 (Updated 31st May 2023)
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Plastic pollution stretches across the beaches of Bail after the rainy season.

Trash Island - Bali's Dirty Little Secret

The tropical island of Bali is drowning in a sea of plastic rubbish and no one is doing a dammed thing about it! It's not a statement that's going to win me any friends, but it had to be said. And I, for one, feel better for saying it. The more people that know, the better. ...

NathanPosted By Nathan
7th June 2018 (Updated 23rd July 2021)
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Borneo - Everything you expect and more!

  Borneo. A single word that conjures up images of tropical jungles, wild animals and endless rivers. Oh, and of course Orangutans. I have dreamed of Borneo since geography class and watching David Attenborough when I was a kid.   Well let me tell you it didn’t ...

NathanPosted By Nathan
9th March 2016 (Updated 23rd July 2021)
Duration : 5 Minute Read
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