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Tasman Island with Pennicott Wilderness Journeys

For the Love of the Ocean

Sometimes you come across something that you consider a ‘once in a lifetime’ adventure. Once it’s done you know your were lucky and fortunate that you had the chance to do it. But sometimes, very rarely even, you get the opportunity to do it again. That was ...

Nathan BrayshawPosted By Nathan Brayshaw
9th April 2023 (Updated 5th May 2023)
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Flying Duck Pod - Free Spirit Eco Pods, Bruny Island, Tasmania.

Free Spirit Eco Pods - The most remote Airbnb in Australia

We both needed a break....STAT! As emergency services workers the Covid pandemic had limited our ability to travel and the amount of time we could have off from work. So I blocked out four days - a Friday to Monday - and did a Google search for 'the most remote Airbnb in Australia'. Of ...

Nathan BrayshawPosted By Nathan Brayshaw
2nd December 2021 (Updated 4th December 2021)
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Pelican feeding time at Charis Seafoods, Labrador, on the Gold Coast

My Gold Coast - Tour Guide for a Day

  Recently some family friends visited the Gold Coast from frosty old Canada. I was keen to show them that there is more to the GC than the beach and theme parks. So, over dinner and a few beers, I told them to get a good nights sleep and I'd see them at 6:30am the next ...

NathanPosted By Nathan
22nd September 2019 (Updated 23rd July 2021)
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Piccabeen Palms, Ballunjui Falls, Binna Burra

Before the Fire - Lower Bellbird Circuit and Lower Ballunjui Falls

As I write this the Binna Burra section of the Lamington National Park is burning. And, sadly, the 85 year old Binna Burra Mountain Lodge, as well as a number of homes, have burned to the ground. I have lived on the Gold Coast for 40+ years and walked the Binna Burra trails ...

NathanPosted By Nathan
10th September 2019 (Updated 23rd July 2021)
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Zip-lining through the trees

Mount Tamborine TreeTop Challenge & High Ropes Adventure Park

Calling all thrill seekers....if you need an adrenaline fix then look no further than the Mount Tamborine Tree Top Challenge. With 120 high ropes courses and 10 ziplines this is the ultimate way to cure your adventure craze. Whether you need to tire the kids out on school ...

NathanPosted By Nathan
4th August 2018 (Updated 23rd July 2021)
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Queensland's Moreton Island

Any time is a good time to visit Queensland's Moreton Island. However the cooler winter and early spring months are the perfect time to jump on the ferry and head over to the third largest sand island in the world. Bye-bye stop, Moreton Island. The first ...

NathanPosted By Nathan
24th May 2018 (Updated 23rd July 2021)
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Sunflower Season

Travel for Grown Ups - The Sunflower Way, Southern Queensland.

Legend has it that Unicorns gave birth to their young in the Spring so that the babies could feed on the summer sunflowers. The young unicorns could only attain their wings by feeding on the most tender, most vibrant summer sunflower petals. And, over the ages, conflicts were ...

Nathan Brayshaw - A Man A Beard A CameraPosted By Nathan Brayshaw - A Man A Beard A Camera
9th December 2017 (Updated 23rd July 2021)
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On the road in Outback Queensland. Look how happy they are being chauffeured around the countryside!

Travel for Grown Ups - An Outback Queensland Road Trip

The driving holiday has changed forever. Remember those trips when Dad would wake you up in the middle of the night, pack you into the car and you would take off at breakneck speed to 'beat the traffic'? Well long gone is the early morning wake-up and the uncomfortable, rushed ...

NathanPosted By Nathan
5th September 2017 (Updated 23rd July 2021)
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Warm Subtropical Rainforest of Lamington National Park

Travel for Grown Ups - Walking the Gold Coast's Lamington National Park

Have you ever wondered what 225 million years old looks like? What about walking on something 225 million years old? Well, I went to find out, and it was only 45 minutes drive from my home on the Gold Coast. It is the Gondwana Rainforest, part of the Lamington National Park ...

NathanPosted By Nathan
8th July 2017 (Updated 23rd July 2021)
Duration : 7 Minute Read
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